Registration with the College of Dental Technicians of Alberta

The Health Professions Act (HPA) requires any person, who meets the qualifications for registration defined in the Dental Technologists Profession Regulation (Regulation) and is practicing as a dental technologist or dental technician in Alberta, to be registered with the College of Dental Technologists of Alberta.

The scope of practice, for the regulated health profession of dental technology, is defined in the HPA as:

In their practice, dental technologists do one or more of the following:

  1. fabricate, duplicate, alter and repair prosthetic and orthodontic devices,
  2. fit those devices when fitting is incidental to the fabrication, duplication, alteration or repair, (b.1) teach, manage and conduct research in the science, techniques and practice of dental technology, and 
  3. provide restricted activities authorized by the regulations.

There are three pathways for registration as a dental technologist or dental technician in Alberta:

  1. An applicant for registration from an approved Canadian program may meet the requirements for registration by:
    1. obtaining a diploma from a dental technology training program of at least 2 years' duration that is approved by the Council, and
    2. successfully completing the Dental Technology Entry to Practice Assessment.
  2. An applicant for registration may meet the requirements for registration by being currently registered in good standing in another jurisdiction recognized by the Council as having substantially equivalent practice and competency requirements.
  3. An applicant whose qualifications and experience have been determined by the Registration Committee to be substantially equivalent may upon meeting other registration requirements, determined necessary by the Registration Committee, be registered on the appropriate category of the regulated members register.

Substantial Equivalency Assessment

In order to assist with determining whether an applicant’s qualifications and competencies are substantially equivalent to graduates of an approved Canadian Program, the Registrar or Registration Committee may require the applicant to undergo any examination, testing or any assessment activity, and may direct the applicant to undergo any education or training activities that are considered necessary in order for the applicant to be registered. The cost of assessments, written or clinical examinations, testing, and any additional education or training activities is the responsibility of the applicant.

Required Information

For a list of required information and documentation, consult the application checklist.

Application Form

Applicants who have not completed the Dental Technology Entry-to-Practice Assessment, applying for a temporary-conditional practice permit, must complete a supervisory agreement with the regulated supervisor and attached the completed agreement to the application for registration.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants must ensure that all information and documentation listed in the application checklist is submitted with the application form.


Under the Regulation, the College of Dental Technologists of Alberta must approve a registration examination as one of the requirements leading to registration with the College. To meet this requirement, the College requires new applicants to complete the Dental Technology Entry-to-Practice Assessment (DTETPA) administered by the Canadian Alliance of Dental Technology Regulators (CADTR).

Once applicants have successfully completed the DTETPA, they are eligible to apply for a Practice Permit without conditions.

Find out more information about the DTETPA and CADTR here:

Exam Psychometrics

A solid and legally defensible registration examination has many processes and requirements and is best overseen by a psychometrician. For this purpose, the College has contracted the exam administration to the Canadian Alliance of Dental Technology Regulators who work with a psychometric firm, with considerable experience in the development and administration of professional entry-to-practice assessments. This ensures a fair and transparent process for exam candidates.

The psychometrician lead the development of the examination questions; stations; policies; procedures; exam construction; setting the minimum pass score for the examination’s components; determining when a candidate has demonstrated within the examination process if they are successful or unsuccessful; and ongoing quality assurance with the examination questions and content.

Currency of Practice

In order to maintain registration as a regulated member, an individual must have a minimum of 1200 practice hours within the immediately preceding 5 years. There are allowances made for new graduates.

Supervised Practice

Applicants may be eligible for a temporary conditional practice permit, pending successful completion of the DTETPA. These individuals must have a complete application, approved by the Registrar or the Registration Committee. Temporary conditional members are required to work under the direct supervision of another regulated health professional and provide the CDTA with information regarding the temporary-conditional member's work environment and regulated supervisor by completing a signed supervisory agreement.

Steps for Registration

  • Step 1: Before you apply to the CDTA, gather all documents required for registration.
  • Step 2: Apply to write the National Dental Technology Entry to Practice Assessment administered by the Canadian Alliance of Dental Technology Regulators.
  • Step 3: Apply for Registration with the College of Dental Technologists of Alberta before you begin working as a dental technologist or dental technician. You will need to provide all of the documents listed on the application checklist.
  • Step 4: Complete the Dental Technology Entry to Practice Assessment

Mandatory Registration

Qualified individuals who are practicing dental technology in the Province of Alberta without being registered with the College of Dental Technologists of Alberta and holding a valid practice permit are in contravention of the Health Professions Act and punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.


If you have questions regarding the application and registration process, please contact Tara Tremblay, Registrar at or 780-469-0615.