artificial jaw models with dental implants

About the College 

The College of Dental Technologists of Alberta (CDTA) regulates and governs the activities of Dental Technologists and Dental Technicians in the Province of Alberta. In accordance with the Health Professions Act, the CDTA is responsible to ensure that Alberta Dental Technologists and Technicians provide safe, effective, ethical and beneficial oral healthcare services to the Alberta Public. 


The College of Dental Technologists of Alberta is responsible for the protection of the public and will provide leadership and guidance to its members.

Our Values 

Accountability – the CDTA values individual and organizational accountability by accepting responsibility for our decisions and actions. 

Collaboration – the CDTA engages meaningfully, respectfully, and proactively with the public, regulated members, government, volunteers, and all stakeholders. 

Equity – the CDTA recognizes the importance of diversity in backgrounds, experiences, voices, and perspectives. It actively champions equity and inclusion through its policies, practices, and requirements. 

Fairness – the CDTA is committed to ensuring procedural fairness in its policies, processes, and practices. 

Transparency – the CDTA works to ensure that processes, decisions, and requirements are easily understandable, clear, and accessible to affected parties and to all stakeholders.