As a part of its role under the Health Professions Act (HPA), the College of Dental Technologists of Alberta (CDTA) is responsible for addressing complaints made about the conduct of Registered Dental Technologists and Registered Dental Technicians.  All complaints are managed under Part 4 of the HPA.

How do I make a complaint?

If you decide a formal complaint is needed, please complete the complaint reporting form with as much detail as possible. (please type or print):

CDTA Complaint Reporting Form

We accept signed complaint forms, about the conduct of Registered Dental Technologists and Registered Dental Technicians, and additional documents to support the complaint by email at:

Once the required forms are received, the Complaints Director will look at the information and decide the best course of action to resolve your complaint based on the options outlined in the Health Professions Act. 

What happens after I file a Complaint?

When a signed complaint is received, the Complaints Director will:

  • Verify that the individual(s) named in the complaint was registered and held a practice permit with the CDTA on the date(s) in question, or that no more than two years have passed since they were registered.
  • Review all information received. Further communication with the parties involved may occur.
  • The CDTA will contact the registrant in question and provide them with a copy of the complaint. The complainant's name, but not their personal contact information will be provided. 
  • Contact other individuals named in your complaint form who may have information relevant to your complaint. They may receive a copy of your complaint form and attachments.
  • Within 30 days, provide you with a written response. The regulated member will also receive a copy. 

If your concerns may involve conduct of a sexual nature please review the Boundary Violations Complaint Information:

Boundary Violation Complaint Information 

Complaint FAQs:

CDTA Complaint Process FAQs

Information for Dental Technologists/Technicians:

CDTA Complaint Information for Respondents

Questions/Need help filing a complaint? Contact the College:

Phone: 780-469-0615