Complaint Process


The Role of the CDTA includes regulating the professional conduct of Dental Technologists and Technicians in Alberta.  Complaints received by the CDTA are dealt with under the process set out in the Health Professions Act.


How do I make a complaint?

A complaint regarding the professional conduct of a Regulated Member can be submitted by completing the "Complaint Reporting Form" available here:

CDTA Complaint Reporting Form

CDTA Complaint Resolution Process

Boundary Violation Complaint Information 

How long does the Complaint process take?

The time required to review and investigate a Complaint depends on the complexity of the Complaint.  In general, it can take four months or longer.

Will I receive financial compensation?

The professional conduct process as written in the Health Professions Act determines whether or not a Regulated Member's conduct is unprofessional.  A Hearing Tribunal does not have the authority to award monetary compensation to a complainant.  Financial compensation can be sought through the Alberta Court system.

Information for Dental Technologists/Technicians:

CDTA Complaint Information for Respondents