The Role of The College of Dental Technologists of Alberta

What We Do

We are a regulatory college established under the Health Professions Act (HPA), responsible for regulating the profession of dental technology in the public interest. Under the HPA, we are responsible for regulating Dental Technologists (RDTs) and Dental Technicians (DTs). 

The College exists to serve and protect the public interest by overseeing and directing the practice of RDTs and DTs to ensure Albertans receive safe, competent, and ethical oral health care. 

The Alberta Government and the Health Professions Act (HPA) give us the authority and mandate to act as the regulator for the profession of dental technology. Specifically, the CDTA is responsible for: 

  • Approving dental technology education programs 
  • Setting entry-to-practice requirements 
  • Issuing annual permits to enable RDTs and DTs to practice 
  • Establishing and enforcing a mandatory continuing competence program for RDTs and DTs 
  • Developing and enforcing standards of behaviour and conduct we expect from RDTs and DTs 
  • Acting on complaints about the conduct of RDTs and DTs and holding registrants accountable for their conduct 

What We Don’t Do 

The HPA restricts the college from engaging in any activities that may be construed as acting as a professional association. The college restricts its activities to those that align with our regulatory mandate. We do not offer membership services or continuing education and we do not advocate on behalf of the profession. 

Relationship Between a College and Association 

Colleges and associations serve distinct purposes, each operating uniquely based on their mandate and objectives. They are not interchangeable with one another. The collaboration between these entities is beneficial for regulated professions. The CDTA is not a professional association.