The CDTA Council has approved updates to the COVID-19 Return-to-Work Guidelines effective July 27, 2020.
You can access the updated Return-to-Work Guidelines here.
You can access a schedule of changes here.
As a reminder, adherence to the guidelines is MANDATORY. All Dental Technologists and Dental Technicians must continue to follow the guidelines.

Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic can have a significant impact on Albertans' mental health.

Resources are available if you need a little extra support, advice on handling stressful situations, or ways to talk to children.

Family violence

If you or someone you know is at risk of family violence, help is available.

On April 30, 2020, Alberta Health announced that as part of Alberta's Relaunch Strategy, all regulated health professionals may return to safe practice subject to guidelines approved by their respective regulatory colleges.

Effective May 14, 2020, Dental Technologists and Dental Technicians are permitted to return to full provision of services subject to these MANDATORY guidelines. Failing to adhere to these guidelines may be considered professional misconduct and may result in disciplinary action under the Health Professions Act. 

Some oral health facilities may be required to remain closed due to shortages of Personal Protective Equipment or recent facility requirement changes.

These guidelines are subject to change, and will be updated, as more information regarding COVID-19 becomes available. Click here for the return-to-work guidelines. 



Contact the College office:


Phone: 780-469-0615


Beginning on Monday, May 4th, 2020 dentists in Alberta will be able to provide urgent dental care in addition to emergent care. Dentists and Dental Technologists/Technicians must follow the ADA & C Guidelines on Emergency and Urgent Treatment. When returning to work, both you and your employer must also take reasonable steps to protect health and safety under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Dental Technologists and Technicians can provide services to dentists with strict adherence to the ADA & C Guidelines on Emergency and Urgent Treatment. Updated guidelines including, urgent care guidelines, will be circulated once available from the ADA & C.

Dental Technologists and Technicians can also continue to provide support to Denturists in the provision of essential services by following the College of Alberta Denturists Guidelines to Essential Services.
At this time, Dental Technologists and Technicians, including those with Restricted Activities Authorization must not have direct patient contact.

We continue to work with the other Alberta oral health regulators to develop informative and safe return to work guidelines for when the Alberta Relaunch Strategy permits the provision of non-urgent dental services. “Return-to-work” guidelines will be circulated as soon as possible.

Practice Restrictions in Lloydminister

Yesterday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced that regulated health professionals
may return to practice following receipt of approved practice guidelines that will be provided
by their Colleges. This announcement proves to be a challenge within the City of

Due to agreements in place between Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Public Health Act of
Saskatchewan has authority within the City of Lloydminster. In addition, regulated health
professionals practicing on the Alberta side of Lloydminster are governed by Alberta’s Health
Professions Act and are obligated adhere to the Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and
any other directions issued by their Alberta regulatory body.

In summary, Lloydminster-based regulated health professionals, whether in Alberta or
Saskatchewan, are required to follow the Saskatchewan Public Health Act and Public
Health Orders issued by Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Saqib Shahab.

As a result, only the provision of non-essential services is permitted at this time. When the
City of Lloydminster announces that its citizens are able to resume practice, those regulated
healthcare practitioners, practicing in Alberta, are mandated to follow the direction and
guidance of their Alberta regulatory body as prescribed by the Health Professions Act.

While this situation is understandably frustrating, public health and safety must take priority.
All regulated health professionals are expected to review this information and to adopt
practices to ensure the expectations outlined are met.

Government Assistance

For those whose employment is affected the Government is offering the following Covid-19 employment and social development information:

CDTA Operations

Although the CDTA will continue to operate, staff will not be working in the office and all in-person meetings and activities of the College are suspended until further notice.

The Registrar/Executive Director will have access to email and voice messages during this period and will respond to urgent calls and emails as quickly as possible. Access to the office is restricted until further notice.

If you have further questions for the College, please contact us either by phone or email. We are experiencing a high call volume and appreciate your patience during this time. 

These measures are in place until further notice and the CDTA is monitoring the situation closely. The situation is rapidly changing and updates will be available on the website as information becomes available. We encourage you to check our announcements page to keep yourself informed

Any urgent information will be shared via email.