December 1, 2016

An election of the Council for the College of Dental Technologists of Alberta (CDTA) will be held in the spring of 2017. In accordance with Bylaw 5.2.4, the Council must appoint a Chief Electoral Officer and at least two (2) Regulated Members to form the Nomination and Election Committee.

Career Opportunities


November 22, 2016


Dental/Orthodontic Lab Technician position available at InLine Orthodontics.

Join our team and help us create beautiful smiles. You are required to be a Registered Dental Technologist for this position.  

Welcome to the CDTA

Dental Technologists and Dental Technicians are important members of your dental health care team.

The College of Dental Technologists of Alberta (CDTA) regulates and governs the practice of dental technology in the Province of Alberta. It protects and serves the public interest by ensuring that all regsitered Dental Technologists and Dental Technicians in Alberta:

Regulation Amendments



The Regulation Amendements approved by the Regulated Members at the October 25, 2015 Fall General Meeting have been forwarded to Alberta Health for review and comment.

These Regulation amendments are not in force until approved by the Governement of Alberta.

Regulated Members are required to follow the current Dental Technologists Profession Regulation (Alberta Regulation 243/2004) until amendments are approved.