Restricted Activities

What are Restricted Activities?
Schedule 7.1 of the Government Organization Act defines which health service are considered restricted activities. 
The Dental Technologists Profession Regulation establishes which restricted activities can be performed by registered dental technologists and registered dental technicians and outlines the advanced training requirements necessary to apply for restricted activities authorization. 
Within the profession of Dental Technology, restricted activities are limited to colour matching and/or determining a preliminary fit.
Regulated members who are interested in performing restricted activities, must familiarize themselves with Sections 10-14 of the Dental Technologists Profession Regulation and ensure that they perform only those activities that are within the scope of practice for the profession and their individual competence.
Regulated members are responsible to know, understand and adhere to the Standards of Practice at all times.
Questions about scope of practice and performing restricted activities should be directed to the CDTA:
Phone: 780-469-0615

Continuing Education
In collaboration with NAIT, a combined Asepsis (IPC)/Client Care Course has been developed to provide regulated members with the necessary skills and knowledge to be authorized to perform restricted activities.  This course is approved by the CDTA Council to meet the legislated advanced training required for registered dental technologists and registered dental technicians to apply for restricted activities authorization.
Upon successful completion of this course, regulated members must apply to the CDTA for authorization prior to performing authorized restricted activities. 
Find out more information about the course and register here:
The College is not involved in the delivery of the course.  The Course is delivered and maintained by NAIT. Any questions about registration, dates, or course content, should be directed to NAIT.

Applying for Restricted Activities Authorization

Qualified Regulated Members must apply to the CDTA for restricted activities authorization prior to providing any direct patient care.  You can access the application fom here:

Restricted Activity Recognition Application Form