The Health Professions Act:

  • authorizes the establishment of health professions
  • defines and sets out the responsibilities and conduct of the Health Professions Council
  • addresses the process for designation of a health profession
  • allows for establishment of colleges
  • describes the mandate and structure of a college and its authority to make bylaws
  • addresses the authority to inquire and discipline

The Dental Technologists Profession Regulation:

  • authorizes the establishment of the College of Dental Technologists of Alberta
  • identifies dental technology as a health profession
  • provides a scope of practice statement
  • specifies that RDT and DT are reserved titles

The CDTA By-Laws govern:

  • the objectives of the CDTA
  • membership, including member obligations, rights and fees
  • meetings of the College
  • composition and election of Council and its responsibility and authority
  • finance and other management matters

Items governing members:

  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Code of Ethics
  • Standards of Practice