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Pacific Dental Conference

March 8-10, 2018

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As mandated by the health Professions Act, all Regulated members must participate in Continuing Competence Activities. A number of members have questions with regard to what qualifies as a Continuing Competency Activity and how to access both Courses and Seminars. What qualifies as a Continuing Competence Activity?

Please review section 16 of the Dental technologist Profession Regulation: Program credits may be obtained through the following continuing Competence activities if approved by the Council: 

(a) attendance at a dental related scientific or clinical course designed to enhance the professional development of regulated members;

(b) presentation of a continuing competence activity to a dental group;

(c) attendance at a study club;

(d) successful completion of an examination set by the College or an examination from another dental organization recognized by the Council;

(e) participation, preparation or presentation of a research paper or abstract at an approved educational function;

(f) publication of a research paper in a peer-refereed journal;

(g) attendance at formally organized sessions or activities sponsored or approved by the Council concerning functions of the Council, such as professional development, code of ethics or standards of practice;

(h) attendance at formally organized sessions concerning issues relevant to the practice of dental technology;

(i) research and innovation that extends beyond the technologist’s or technician’s current practice;

(j) self-directed study;

(k) successful completion of a challenge examination approved by the Council;

(l) other activities approved by the Council.

Further, the College has compiled a list of links that offer a wide range of educational opportunities ranging from webinars to Courses to events that may be of interest to you: (Online webinar, GC) (3M e-learning link) (implant related courses) (Vident)

*- By no means is list exhaustive and the College does not endorse any of the above listed links. It is meant to only serve as a resource for members. Members are advised to investigate other educational opportunities on their own; specific to their own chosen competency and that may be of value to enhance one’s skill and knowledge. All Regulated members of the College of Dental Technologists of Alberta are required to complete Continuing Education Programming. It is the responsibility of the member to update their online Continuing Competency profile with the information, as well as supply the College with proof of your participation in Continuing Education Programming should it be requested. The College offers information about upcoming Continuing Education opportunities as it is provided. The College accepts no responsibility should the information provided be incorrect. Should you require additional information about any program, please contact the provider directly.