Career Opportunities

June 24, 2021

Looking for an experienced lab tech to work in a denture clinic lab. Please READ carefully before applying. 

Job description:

- Pour up impressions and mount cases using ASA articulators. This will need to be done in a timely fashion while seeing patients.

- Be able to do cold cure Jig relines. Usually this is done in-house, relines take 1.5 hours while patients are waiting. Make sure this is something you're comfortable doing with amount of time given.

- Repairs on partial and complete dentures. Patient may be waiting while repairs are being done, again experience is a must.

- Invest cases, process, trim, polish partials and complete denture. (This will include investing cast mesh reinforcements, independent implants systems, bar support dentures and fixed supported dentures. Of course can't forget soft liners.)

- Do all types of partial and complete denture set ups, understand the differences between bite classifications and ridge relationships.

- Being able to fill out prescriptions prior to sending out cases for frameworks.

Speaking fluent English would be nice. Starting out part-time and eventually full time, hourly wage will start at $25.00/ hour. After a three-month period, an assessment will be done and rate of pay will be adjusted accordingly.

Email resumes to: 
Boviz Denture Clinic
Calgary, AB